Hi all

I want to draw your attention to the work items that were selected
for action during the upcoming year in IHE:

- Basic Image Review
- PDI Extensions
- XDS-I Using XDS.b Technology
- Enhanced DICOM Objects - MR Diffusion, CT/MR Contrast Perfusion

Details can be found at:


by following the links to the detailed proposals.

Note in particular that there are two items related to DICOM
media intended to improve the experience of referring physicians
and radiologists receiving media, and these address both:

- the minimum capabilities of and requirements for basic viewers
(whether on disk or pre-installed)

- the use of higher capacity (DVD), compressed and possibly
encrypted media

We are hoping to engage more than just the usual IHE Radiology
Technical Committee suspects in the work to develop these profiles,
particularly vendors of 3rd party media creation tools as well
as the "major" vendors, and users who have strong feelings about
viewer capabilities. As such, be aware that there is a meeting of
the Technical Committee to be held November 10-13 in Oakbrook, IL
at RSNA headquarters. A specific agenda will be forthcoming shortly.

Please contact me directly by email (mailto:dclunie@dclunie.com) if
you have an interest in actively participating face to face or by