Hello everyone, sorry for the intrusion. I work at Philips Healthcare
and we have a strong need for a Server Software Development Manager
with strong Dicom and HL7 experience. I'm sure you know that these
skills sets are hard to come by, so I thought I would reach out to see
if anyone is interested or knows of anyone who would be interested.
The full job description is below - this is a full time permanent
position and based in the San Francisco Bay area. Thanks again, and
if anyone has any questions, I can be reached by email at


Philips Healthcare Informatics provides a wide range of products
and services focused on image and information management solutions for
the Healthcare enterprise. Foster City is the global headquarters of
the group and focuses on core radiology imaging solutions and
enterprise support systems. Our solutions provide diagnostic and
interventional support for clinicians at the point of need throughout
hospitals and other healthcare intuitions. We provide our solutions on
a pay per use basis and guarantee 24x7 service and support. By
combining high levels of service and support with advanced clinical
features, that can be deployed anywhere in the enterprise, we provide
a world-class portfolio of solutions that is differentiated in the
market. We are ambitious about our growth and are seeking ambitious
smart people to help us achieve our goals.

Department Description The server team specifies, develops, and
maintains highly available systems that manage the distribution and
archiving of medical images and patient information throughout the
enterprise. Our solution guarantees 99.99% uptime, is a highly
distributed, highly available, and fully fault tolerant. The solution
provides many services that support various Philips Healthcare
Informatics products. These services include; enterprise messaging,
image storage and retrieval, disaster recovery, image processing,
patient and exam management, workflow services, queuing and
scheduling, configuration management, security and auditing. All
servers and services are proactively monitored to ensure maximum

Candidate Responsibilities Overview

A Manager plays a crucial role within the Engineering Department by
overseeing the timely delivery of major portions of our overall
service offering and/or component products. In addition managers
ensure the teams they manage have the correct skills mix by taking
ownership of training, hiring and the career growth of team members.
The most typical project roles for the Manager, consists of leading
tracks of work (3-8 people) as part of a larger project, and project
teams of 15-25 people. Projects must be managed to an acceptable level
of risk by balancing scope, time, cost and quality, while maintaining
a positive environment that promotes individual development and high
performance standards.

He/she must have solid problem solving skills, business skills, verbal
and written communication skills. The Manager must have excellent
relationship building skills, as well as strong leadership and team
management skills. He/she must have a deep understanding of project
management tools and approaches to manage complex, multi-disciplinary
projects and the flexibility to lead diverse and dynamic teams to
deliver high quality solutions that support our business strategy.

Candidates must have extensive experience of software development or
systems integration. They must have experienced all aspects of the
product development lifecycle in a leadership capacity (from inception
through design, development, testing, deployment and support). Manager
candidates must have been involved in at least two projects through
the entire lifecycle. Mangers must have experience of at least two
software development methodologies and be able to choose appropriate
processes, and staff skill sets to deliver a project successfully.

Managers must thrive in an environment characterized by its fast pace
and its high level of collaboration. In performing the essential
functions of this role Managers will find the work-environment is fast-
paced, moderately noisy and team-based.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Oversight and Project Management
Oversees the development and tracking of project plans. Adapts and
applies the Product development Process to meet project objectives and
business drivers. Establishes and maintains project communications.
Oversees project estimations. Oversees the development of project
deliverables. Establishes and maintains processes to manage scope
throughout the project lifecycle. Identifies and manages project
issues. Sets project quality and performance standards. Assesses and
manages risk over the project lifecycle. Maintains project tracking
and information systems

Partners with others to lead teams of 15-25 individuals. Builds and
structures project teams to ensure maximum performance. Provides
purpose, direction and motivation to team. Clarifies and communicates
project objectives and success criteria. Ensures key project-wide
roles and responsibilities are defined. Ensures the use of best
practices and applies lessons learned from previous projects. Ensures
a positive, collaborative work environment for the team. Directly
supervises the work of team members. Mentors and coaches project team
members, as appropriate. Manages third-party partner and/or vendor
relationships, as necessary

Collaboration with other groups
Responsible for ongoing client (Product Marketing, Operations and
Quality Engineering) satisfaction by; setting expectations, managing
communications, leading negotiations, escalating issues when
necessary, and providing regular feedback. Provides day-to-day project
contact for other groups in Philips.

Hiring and Training
Participates in recruitment and hiring activities, including
interviewing and conducting hiring exercises. Manages the career of up
to 6 individuals. Participates in, and assists with, company events
such as training and internal initiatives. Actively shares knowledge
and learning from project experiences

Candidate Profile Job Requirements:

Degree in Computer Science or related field preferred. 7-10 years of
experience in software development or systems integration. Experience
delivering products abased on multiple technologies, including but not
limited to:

C++, C#, .Net, Web Services, Relational Databases (SQL Server
preferred), MFC, Microsoft development tools, DICOM, HL7, CORBA, ACE,
TAO, XML, HTML, Active X, Win32, Multi-threaded systems, distributed
systems, Design Patterns, OO Design.