Hi all, I hope someone can help me to understand better the tag and
the TAG 0008,0008 Image Type in the SOP CLASS UID
I'd like to know how many value must have this tag
because, refer to the standard (C., in case of CT image
(1.2.840.10008. it must be present the third parameter
(AXIAL AND LOCALIZER) but I found some images without this parameter.
So I'd like to know which is the way to use for this images.

Other question is if i have all the parameter and the third is axial,
how can i recognize if the image is really an axial and not a coronal
or a sagittal or other?
I make this question because in C. the standard tells:
"Note: Axial in this context means any cross-sectional image, and
includes transverse, coronal,
sagittal and oblique images."

Thanks in advantage for yout help