Hi all,
I'm pleased to announce pydicom, a pure python package for working
with DICOM files (http://pydicom.googlecode.com).

Why another DICOM package? I wrote the core code years ago when there
weren't as many choices as there are today. Since then I have
occasionally seen requests for pure python implementations. So I
finally updated the package and tested with some more files before
releasing it (GPL license) in the hope that it may be useful to

pydicom is not an image viewer; it was made for inspecting and
modifying DICOM tags in an easy "pythonic" way. The modifications can
be written again to a new file. As a pure python package, it should
run anywhere python runs without any other requirements.

Here is a very brief example from an interactive python session:
>>> import dicom
>>> plan=dicom.ReadFile("rtplan.dcm")
>>> plan.dir("setup") # get a list of tags with "setup" somewhere in the name

>>> plan.PatientSetups[0]

(0018, 5100) Patient Position CS: 'HFS'
(300a, 0182) Patient Setup Number IS: '1'
(300a, 01b2) Setup Technique Description ST: ''
>>> plan.PatientSetups[0].PatientPosition = "HFP"
>>> plan.SaveAs("rtplan2.dcm")

If you find DICOM files it won't work with, or any other issues,
please enter them using the issue tracker at http://pydicom.googlecode.com.