Hi Forum,

I am newbie..and i am working on LCD controller S1D13513(Epson`s).
The probelm is i have a lookup table data (i,e RGB 332 format color
lookup table data(256*3) ).
And LCD controller is working on color depth 8 bpp.

when i write the color pallete data to lookup table, the colors on
display panel do not display properly.
I mean the expected colors are not displaying properly on the screen.

When i change the color depth to 32 bpp all the colors are displayed
on the screen properly as i expected.

It seems the lcd controller changing the color data from RGB 332 to
RGB 888 fromat when wrote. so i have to write the assumed RGB 888
fromat colors to lookup table.

Hence can you please help me, how to set the lookup table colors(i.e
RGB values)appropriate to color depth 8 bpp.

Please ask me if my problem is not clear to you..
sorry for the poor english.

I am in great need of the solution

Thanks in advance