Bonjour group,

First, let me apologize: This is not a DICOM problem. However this
seem to me the best group to ask for help...

I am trying to help an Australian research group. In the course of a
project, they used a Shimadzu SCT 7800 to scan their subject. That
scanner is no longer in operation (it's been replaced by another CT).
Now they want to access their images.

They archive the data on MOD, which in itself is not a problem since
I can read the Shimadzu MOD. The problem is that instead, of saving
the images, they apparently archived the raw data from the scanner.

The only way I can think of to get them the images they need, is to
re-read the MOD on a Shimadzu, ask the console to process the data and
save the resulting images.

Anybody has experience on the Shimadzu? Would this work? And more
importantly, does anybody have a Shimadzu 7800 CT?