I am really hoping someone can help me.

Before I get started I would like to point out that I know nothing about DICOM, well, certainly not what goes on with it in the background! I am a Radiographer by profession, so please forgive me if I am not speaking the correct 'language'!

I currently have an issue with some DR equipment (same manufacturer). The kit is working fine but the images are not presenting themselves on PACS in the same way as the other modalities.

When we have someone in for an xray of their knees, for example, we may well take up to 6 views of the body part under investigation.
Our CR (and other manufacturers DR) files arrive where each view is a series with images within it. The DICOM bar at the bottom of the screen appears thus:

S: 1/4 I: 1/1
S: 2/4 I: 1/1
S: 3/4 I: 1/1 etc

On the DR kit that we are having the problem with the files appear to be sent as a packet i.e

S: 1/1 I: 3/4

which is the exact opposite of the way the other modalities arrive. This all means that when it comes to reporting on the images, we are unable to view each image as a separate entity, which is what we would like.

The question is (if you have been able to follow what I am on about!!) can we change the DICOM message (if that's the right terminology) that is coming out of this particular machine so that the images arrive the same as all the others do? I might be being a bit naive here, but I am assuming that it is just a code that needs a bit of tweaking. I have been all over the place looking for the answer!

Please help!

Many thanks