I am new to this group. I have been using DICOM for 5 years, but have
only utilized the Offis tool for the past year.

Currently, I am working on moving studies from one PACS to another. I
move them from one PACS to an intermediate machine, where I have to
modify the accession number and patient id. From there, I need to add
the original values to the Original Attributes Sequence using
dcmodify. According to the documentation, it should just use the
following syntax:

dcmodify -i "(0400,0561)[1].(0400,0562)="

However, this returns an error. If a sequence already exists, it can
be modified, but not created.

First, is there any way to create a sequence using dcmodify (I'm
willing to bet there isn't)? Second, if there isn't a way to do it
through dcmodify, does anybody have any recommendations on other tools
that might perform the same task?

I am grateful for any help.