Finally I can built the dcm file and can see the result. You can
review it here :
www.materikuliah.com/DICOMTEST7.zip (the dcm file), www.materikuliah.com/dicom7code.zip
(the c code), and www.materikuliah.com/12ecgsample2.zip (the raw ecg

Thank you for David, Mathew, Thomas, etc who are help my by giving
comments and suggestions in my previous threats.

But, even the dcm file is OK and can show the ecg signals, but I think
the shown data is not correct. So please review my files and my C code
from that URLs.

Questions :

1. How to count (0002,0000) group length value ?

2. How to count (5400,100a) waveform padding value ?

3. How to count (003a,0210) channel sensitivity ?

4. Is there any thing that I missed ?

Please advise,