Does someone have a comment on the following Standardisation issue.

Suppose we have a Imaging Client(SCU) and a Pacs(SCP) On sending
images to the PACS the clients negotiates with several Transfer
Syntaxes among them a lossy compressed syntax. The PACS accepts all
syntaxes (also the lossy compressed one) and then the Client sends the
images in the lossy compressed format.

Now, according to the standard, who is responsible for deciding which
Transfer Syntax to use.

If you don't want any lossy compressed images in a Hospital the PACS
should simply not accept them


should the Client present to the user what syntaxes where negotiated
and the Client/User should decide if lossy compressed images are

Lossy compression should never be implicitly used by a SCU just
because the PACS wants to accept it.

A Modality decides wether images should be archived or not. The
Modality should also decide what type of compression is acceptable. It
is not up to the PACS to enforce this according to my point of view.