We have the need for our downstream viewer to preserve the same Series
and Image display order that is presented on the PACS. The PACS
writes this information out to some shadow groups that we can parse,
but is there a more standard way to do this?

We typically use the Series Number and Image Number (or Patient
Position), but that doesn't work in this case. I've heard suggestions
of using the Presentation State (GSPS) or maybe even Hanging
Protocols, but I can't find anything that *explicitly* encodes the
desired order of the series among themselves, or even the images
within a series.

It looks like we could apply the Hanging Protocols to look at the
specific Private tags that we use, but that would only work for this
particular PACS. Is there a standard set of tags to encode the
desired display order?

Thanks for your help!

Bill R.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find any
other reference within this newsgroup.