Robots provide clues to evolution of communication
By studying swarms of virtual robots with evolvable genomes, a team of
Swiss researchers has identified the factors influencing the evolution
of communication in social organisms.
The study was funded through the EU-funded ECAgents (Embodied and
Communicating Agents) project, which aims to develop a new generation
of robots which are able to interact with each other and their
environment without human intervention. It is published online by the
journal Current Biology.

Knowledge Base on healthgrids has been developed
Within the framework of the SHARE project funded by the European
Commission, a Knowledge Base on HealthGrids has been developed and
made available to the worlwide community.
Action on Grids for health is needed at EU level to address mobility
of citizens and provide crossfrontier interoperability of data, cross-
frontier infrastructures, best exploitation of resources (both
technical and medical), equal distribution of healthcare and
definition and implementation of standards.

eHealth Specialist introduces ICW Developer Network
eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW) presents its new ICW
Developer Network (IDN). The IDN will be the primary communication
platform for technical experts and software developers seeking to
connect isolated healthcare IT applications.

HL7 Announces Industry's First Electronic Health Record System
Functional Requirements Standard
Health Level Seven (HL7), a preeminent healthcare IT standards
development organization with broad international representation,
announced it has passed the healthcare industry's first ANSI-approved
standard that specifies the functional requirements for an electronic
health record system (EHR-S).

Nuffield Hospitals Selects BridgeForward for System-wide Integration
BridgeForward Software, Inc, a leading provider of application
integration technology to the US and UK healthcare industry announced
that it has been selected by Nuffield Hospitals - one of the largest
private hospital groups in the UK - to enable them to transition into
the fully digital imaging and data-management environment.

Frost & Sullivan Awards Banquet Honours European Healthcare Industry's
Top Achievers
Exceptional performances in Europe's healthcare industry were
recognised at Frost & Sullivan's Excellence in Healthcare Awards
Banquet held on Wednesday, February 21st 2007 in London.

iSOFT collaborates with Intel and Motion Computing on launch of Mobile
Clinical Assistant
Following months of development and collaboration, iSOFT has announced
its intention to support its customers in their adoption of the Mobile
Clinical Assistant (MCA). The platform, announced earlier by Intel
Corporation and Motion Computing, will allow clinicians to spend more
time with patients, help improve patient safety and reduce medication
administration errors.

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