Bonjour to all,

I have a question:

How would you represent a 3D ultrasound dataset?

I want to create a multi-frame file, but my problem is that the US
frame increment pointer only let me play with the time, not the
position of the slices.

C. Frame Increment Pointer
For US Multi-frame images, the Attribute Frame Increment Pointer
(0028,0009) of the Multi-frame
Module (see Section C.7.6.6) is specified by the following Defined
00181063 = sequencing by Frame Time (0018,1063)
00181065 = sequencing by Frame Time Vector (0018,1065)

Even if I use a bunch of files, the "slice position" is not part of
the US definition...

(Wouldn't it be nice if all the multi-slice modalities where using the
same technique?)