Dear friends,

I have a problem with CR images while the applying window width and

This CR Image dataset has non-linear modality and image doesn't contain
the window width/Level information.

Bits allocated = 16, bits stored = 12, high bit = 11,
Imager Pixel Spacing is 0.168\0.168

How can I apply window width/Level to this image?

How can I calculate default window width/Level values of this image?

When I looked on some other Dicom Image viewer's,
what I understand is the default calculation they were doing is (if
there is no Seq. LUT)
window width = (bits allocated * bits allocated * bits
window center = (window width) / 2

I would like to know is the above calculation is correct or not?

After getting these values, for applying window width and level to
image, should I need to do any other calculation on these window width
and window level?

Thanks and regards