Hi to everybody.

I am taking a look at the specifications for the "Pseudo-Color Softcopy
Presentation State" IOD on PS 3.3 - 2006, Annex A.33.3.

I can see that the "Palette Color LUT" and the "ICC Profile" modules
are flagged as MANDATORY.

This seems reasonable for the "Palette Color LUT" module, since it
shall define the pseudo-color LUT used to transform a grayscale image
into a pseudo-color image.

On the other side, I can't clearly understand why the "ICC Profile"
module is mandatory. When using pseudo-color, the color image is
usually artificially built by a software starting from a grayscale
image. There are no actual "acquisition devices". The standard states
the ICC Profile shall be an "input" profile, with "scnr" as the Profile
Device/Class Signature. Which input profile should be used in this

Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.