Recently few doctors complain that an ultrasound study transferred from
a new echo cart runs slowly in my software. It runs at 30 FPS in my
software where as it runs at 52 FPS on that echo cart.

So I studied all the DICOM Tags by using which we calculate the frame
rate. The frame time in all the shoots from that study was mentioned as
33.33 so FPS should be 1000/33.33 = 30FPS. This is my logic of
calculating the FPS.

The heart rate in each of the run is different and it ranges from 53 to
64. Surprisingly number of frames in each run are same(61). All other
parameters, acquisition frame rate, recommended display frame rate,
cine rate are missing.

My question is, the logic, which I am using for calculating the FPS is
correct, or not? Also all other parameters, which I have mentioned
above do they play any role in display frame rate (FPS)?