Dear forum readers,
I would like to have some clarifications about the VOI LUT Function
(0028,1056) attribute (included in the standard DICOM 2006 in the VOI
LUT Module).

If I understand well, this attribute has a multiplicity of 1, so it
would mean that this LUT should be applied to all the values of Window
Center and Window Width and it would not be possible to have in the
same image one window center/width pair with a LINEAR lut and another
window center/width pair with the SIGMOID lut; is it correct?

I saw also that for the DX Images (DX, MG, IO) the VOI LUT module and
the VOI LUT attributes (Window Width, Window Center, VOI LUT Sequence)
of the DX Image module shall not be included in the FOR PROCESSING
images: is it correct?

Thank you for the help,