I lot of people have asked if I can make the dciodvfy validator
available under Windows.

I finally got around to tidying up my dicom3tools so that they
would compile under Cygwin (thanks mostly to the maturity and
capabilities of Cygwin rather than much effort on my part).

This means that I can make Windows binaries of some of the tools
like the dciodvfy validator available, which you can run even without
installing Cygwin, as long as you have the supplied cygwin1.dll
file in your current path when you run these utilities from the
windows Command Prompt.



Let me know if this is of any use, or if you have any problems,
or if there is any deviation between what you see with this
tool under Windows as opposed to under Unix (though it has been
fairly well regression tested).

There is no GUI of course.