Hi all,

We have just completed dicom viewer part and our viewer is able to
communicate with the Dicom PACS and now we are planning to have our own
RIS system.

We have been doing a bit of research now,but we could'nt able to
find out how an actual RIS setup should look like.

What we earned from our research is that,

1)We will have a simple RIS interface which will send the inormation to
the Woklist server.

But the problem is weather we can directly connect RIS and Worklist
server or there should be a broker.

if there is a broker ,how exactly it functions or what are its

2)Suppose if want to connect worklist server to modality itself,hope
through c-find,will modality queries the worklist server itself.

I other words what will be a basic setup between Worklist server and

The idea what we have about the RIS to Moality . .

Hl7 message

here what is the application of PACS broker,can we integrate both
worklist server and PACS broker?

In simpl words i want to know how this setup exactly should look like?

and what are the roles of each of the component mentioned above.

Any help is appreciated.