I have a lot of experience encoding multiframe XA, XRF, and US DICOM
images into DICOM. I have recently been tasked with encoding 3D
Ultrasound data into DICOM and am not finding very good information in
the 2006 base standard. The only information I can find about 3D image
encoding pertains solely to the CT and MR modalities. From what I can
gather there are a few DICOM working groups (12 and 17) that are still
defining a 3D Ultrasound IOD but they have not come to any conclusions.
What is the status of defining a 3D ultrasound standard?

Is the only way to encode 3D ultrasound data presently to encode all of
the 2D slices as a multiframe US image and encode any extra information
as private tags? Is there a standard format that general purpose 3D
workstations will be able to understand for Ultrasound data?

Any comments or explanations would be greatly appreciated.