A scientific meeting organised and presented by Dr David Harvey Medical
Connections, Swansea and the British Institute of Radiology's
Healthcare Informatics Committee on behalf of the British Institute of

Two related DICOM Study days will cover DICOM from the basics to the
cutting edge. The first day is aimed primarily at those wishing to use
existing well-established DICOM services in clinical environments and
the emphasis will be on ensuring that the DICOM services are specified,
bought and used correctly. The second day will look at the various
newer services, object and features, and will be of interest to
vendors, developers and of course clinical staff looking to the future.
Both days will include discussion of real-life interoperability
problems and solutions.

The days may be booked individually, or as a combined course, but those
wishing to attend only the second day should have some existing DICOM
knowledge, either from a previous BIR DICOM course, or other equivalent

Please see below for a full programme or contact the British Institute
of Radiology on 020 7307 1406 or registrations@bir.org.uk for further

Tuesday 24th October 2006

09:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 The basic DICOM protocols and services

Introduction and history
Basic structures and terminology
The "original" DICOM services
Image Storage

11:10 Coffee

11:25 Other well-established DICOM services & objects

Off-line media
DICOM for radiotherapy
Presentation states
Structured reporting
Visible light objects

12:35 Lunch

13:35 Data consistency & integration

Data exchange between modalities and servers
Storage Commitment
Vendor-independent work lists for reporting

14:45 Coffee

15:00 Practical interoperability Issues

Conformance Statements
Private Tags
Common Problems & Solutions

16:00 Discussion

16:30 Close

Advanced DICOM
Wednesday 25th October

09:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Advanced issues in basic DICOM

Data Consistency & key identifiers

What is a DICOM "Study"
Cross-institution problems
UID usage

International character sets
Image compression

11:10 Coffee

11:25 Security and encryption

Network security
Off-line encryption
Digital signatures
User authentication

12:35 Lunch

13:35 DICOM developments

New Objects

Key object notes
Multi-frame CT & MR
Visible light objects
Colour PS

New Services

Hanging protocols
Off-line media creation
Configuration management

New compression methods
JPEG 2000

14:45 Coffee

15:00 Practical problems & solutions

Advanced problems & solutions

Practical Use of diagnostic tools

16:00 Discussion

16:30 Close