Hi there,

I want to add certain Regions of Interest on DICOM files depending on
the type of exploration it is. The Regions of Interest are geometrical
areas (i.e rectangle) and have fixed values depending on the part of
the body.

Looking at the Standard I have seen thw following:

"A Region of Interest (ROI) is a specific use of an Overlay. The
overlay bits corresponding to all
the pixels included in the ROI shall be set to 1. All other bits are
set to 0. This is used to specify
an area of the image of particular interest."

I really think that this is a bit "complex" when my ROI's can be
defined by just marking 2 points on the dataset (begining/end of the
ROI). There's any easy to define, and more suited for my purposes way
to define such Regions?

thanks in advanced