Hello Micha

I hope you have downloaded DCMTK latest code and compiled using vc++ 60
and above. If so please trace the dcmj2pnm project. This project will
do the following

The dcmj2pnm utility reads a DICOM image, converts the pixel data
according to the selected image processing options and writes back an
image in the well-known PPM/PGM file format (portable pix map
/ portable gray map), PNG, Windows BMP, TIFF or JPEG (Joint
Photographic Experts Group) format. This utility supports
uncompressed as well as JPEG and RLE compressed DICOM images.

There is a separate class for converting it to bmp.

For future queries on DCMTK please seek help from forum.dcmtk.org. They
are very kind to respond to our queries as much as possible. As users I
appreciate their services.

With regards
Ravindran Padmanabhan