Micha wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to use the DCMTK toolkit to process Query/Retrieve requests but
> get the actual data from an SQL server database.
> So far I figured out I'll have to extend the imagectn module to use SQL
> server instead of the built in database.
> Has anybody done this before ?
> Can anyone send me any tips/code/other help ?
> Thanks,
> Micha

I am trying something similar like that for mySQL for worklist generation.

I included the mySQL C libraries in my project and am now able to query
my mySQL database.

Something along this line should be possible for you as well, although I
don't know if you can get hold of C libraries for SQL servers. Maybe you
could use some sort of ODBC link to the database, supposing you are in a
M$ Windows environment.

Some note on the imaegctn tool: as I remember well this tool maintains
an internal database from which you cannot delete anything, so a routine
to delete information from your database (I suppose you need one) you
need to develope your self probably. I don't know for sure if I 've read
this on the DCMTK forum or in the imagectn documentation.


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