Hi All,

In David Clunie's book "DICOM Structured Reporting" and also at this

it is mentioned that basic text SR cannot Image references, but
according to PS3.3 - 2004 A. & A. Basic text SR
can contain IMAGE value types and TEXT value types can be inferred from
IMAGE value types. I also looked back into previous DICOM standard
versions (2000) but I didn't see any changes on this matter.
Furthermore TID 2001 which is mentioned in the above link has inferred
from IMAGE so I see no reason why the IOD can't be a legitimate Basic
Text SR if it has an inferred from IMAGE relationship.

Second question related also to image references is how should one
retrieve from an archive an image referenced by a SR if the IMAGE value
type uses the "Referenced SOP Sequence" (0008,1199) which contains only
SOP class & SOP instance? Is it possible that writer's intention was
that the report viewer should query the archive until it will find the
requested SOP instance??
Should I add always (although it an 1C tag) the tag "Current Requested
Procedure Evidence Sequence" (0040,a375) in order to keep full track of
the the referenced images? I haven't seen this sequence to be in use
(except for Mammo CAD) by any vendor, so even if I add to this tag to
my SR, I still can't retrive images that were referenced by other
vendors SR. Any idea how should I proceed ?