The Acuson CV70 Ultrasound system organizes most measurements and
calculations by Measurement Method. For example, users can measure
"Left Ventricle Internal End Diastolic Dimension" to be used in
Teichholz calculations and another for Cube. Actually, to get Ejection
Fraction calculated using Teichholz and also using Cube the user must
make measurements for each. The Teichholz measurements are presented
under the heading "Teichholz" and aren't used for other calculations.

Given the above should the "Left Ventricle Internal End Diastolic
Dimension" measurement used for Teichholz calculations be qualified
with "Measurement Method = Teichholz"? This would add information that
allows the doctor to differentiate between multiple "Left Ventricle
Internal End Diastolic Dimension" measurements. On the other hand, an
argument can be made that the Measurement Methods only apply to
calculations made using the method's formula.

Clare Anderson
Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound Division