Hello everybody,

I am not sure about the meaning and level of "universal service ID" at
Hl7 ORM_O01 message, OBR segment, sequence item 4.

As I understand it, components from 4 to 6 are directly related to
Scheduled Procedure Step Code Secuence.

But, what about components from 1 to 3? IHE says "Components 1-3 of
OBR-4 shall be copied by the Order Filler from the components 1-3 of
OBR-4 it obtains from the ORM message (OBR segment) conveyed to it by
the Order Placer".

Since 1 order can be related to more than one Scheduled Procedure
Step, it is expected that "Universal Service ID" is a general
description that includes (somehow) all the SPS.

Is "Universal Service ID" an external definition for the Imaging
Service Request?

If a customer says that 1 imaging service request always equals to 1
SPS, then components 1-3 may be the same than components 4-6, and must
be different otherwise. Is that right?

SPS Description should be informed with component 5, right?

Thank you,