Hello there,

I have a question about generating secondary capture objects from a
medical image processing workstation:

It seems that different clinical environments have different requirements
with respect to the DICOM tags which need to be set in secondary capture
images generated by a postprocessing workstation. The question is: is
there a general consensus on which tags to copy from the source images
when generating secondary capture objects?

Currently, we are copying/setting tags for all mandatory modules for SC
objects. Now a site is requiring us to set/copy the tags for the Requested
Procedure Module. We are not claiming conformance for any Worklist SOP

I wonder how other creators of Secondary Capture images cope with this? In
my opinion, there's no need to require specific tags for worklist
management in the secondary capture images, since they are tied to the
original study through their StudyInstanceUID.

I would be very thankful to get some input from a few people on this

Thank you very much
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