JDCM v1.4 library implements DICOM in portable 100% pure JavaTM.
It provides an implementation of tools and all basic DICOM functionalities
in a powerful and easy-to-use library.

+DICOM part 10 file support
+DICOM network support:StoreSCU,StoreSCP
+DICOM network support: Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP
+Network DICOM proxy for filtering and security
+Implements secure DICOM SSL network transmission
+Converts DICOM file to XML and XML to DICOM file
+Encoding/decoding RLE and Deflated syntax transfer.
+Encoding/decoding JPEG Lossy, Lossless, JPEG2000
+Implements DICOM reader/writer plug-ins for use with the ImageI/O Framework.
+Implements a simple image archive Query/Retrieve SCP.
+DICOMDIR support