As of Fri Nov 5 13:31:00 EST 2004 the DICOM status page on my web site has been
updated with the following changes after the Nov 2004 WG 6 meeting. See:

The following supplements that were adopted as Final Text (part of the standard):

The following supplements that were released for Letter Ballot:

The following supplements that were released as Trial Use Drafts:

The following supplements that were released for Public Comment:

Sup 89 Worklist and Performed Procedure Step Use Cases
Sup 97 CT/MR Cardiovascular Analysis Report
Sup 100 Color Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP Classes
Sup 101 HL7 Structured Document Object References
Sup 104 DICOM Encapsulation of PDF Documents
Sup 105 JPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Transfer Syntaxes

New versions of the following supplements that are work in progress:

Sup 96 General Purpose Worklist Step Creation
Sup 103 Real World Value Mapping SOP Class

The following corrections that were adopted as Final Text (part of the standard):

The following corrections that were released for Letter Ballot:

CP 448 Anatomical Terms for Grouped Body Parts
CP 449 More Vascular Ultrasound Anatomy Terms
CP 462 Replace DCM codes with SNOMED codes
CP 468 Correction tag and missing condition CTDIvol attribute
CP 469 Add Radiation Dose Comment inside sequence
CP 470 Add Multiframe Secondary Capture JPEG 2000 Photometric Interpretations
CP 472 Basic Application Level Confidentiality Profile for SR and GSPS
CP 474 Apply Image Sequence Macro where appropriate
CP 475 Add SOP Instance Access to Relevant Patient Information Query
CP 476 Add pre-coordinated view codes for cardiac ultrasound
CP 477 Add PPS Discontinued Reason - Equipment Change
CP 478 Move term from CID 6054 to CID 6016
CP 479 CAD Rendering Intent Level
CP 480 Add MG Series Attribute for Screening/Diagnostic
CP 481 Conflicting text in Fiducials Object
CP 482 Addition of stress/rest terminology to PET IOD
CP 483 RT Bolus ID and Description
CP 485 RT Brachytherapy Thickness and Transmission
CP 486 RT Control Point Dose
CP 487 RT Fixation Devices
CP 489 Retire RT Referenced Patient Setup
CP 491 RT Setup Label

The following corrections planned for release for Letter Ballot
if approved after review at the Jan 2005 WG 6 meeting:

CP 492 Add calculated value
CP 493 Add view modifier
CP 494 Clarify Asynch Window negotiation
CP 505 Errors in Echocardiography Informative Annex
CP 506 Issuer of Patient ID in MPPS and GP-PPS
CP 508 Improve Consistency in Code Meanings
CP 509 Correct Error in Wall Motion Scoring Code
CP 510 Remove Notes on IS-IS from Real World Model
CP 511 Change Hemo Annotations from DICOM to SNOMED

New versions of the following corrections that are work in progress:

CP 484 RT Brachytherapy Source Strength
CP 488 RT Image Receptor Translation Clarification
CP 490 RT Referenced Setup Images
CP 495 Create Scheduled Procedure Step Code Sequence
CP 496 Change name of Procedure Code Sequence
CP 504 Add additional contrast agent related codes
CP 507 Modify MWL / GP-WL for clinical Trial Participation and Anonymization
CP 515 Enhanced CT Filter Material
CP 516 Enhanced CT Reconstruction Angle
CP 517 Clarify Pixel Padding Value must not be in native image
CP 518 Identifying CT and MR acquisitions by raw data references
CP 519 CT rescale type for localizers should not be HU
CP 520 More image derivation codes
CP 521 Template for Relevant Patient Info Query for Orders
CP 523 Rename cath templates for cardiovascular use in general
CP 524 Change procedure to analysis in QVA
CP 525 Correct conditions in Device Module