Anyone who is doing Java DICOM development involving image
processing and display, and indeed reading and writing compressed
images, had no doubt come across Java Advanced Imaging, and the Java
Image IO codecs.

These work on a limited number of platforms and more particularly
not on some the 64 bit platforms that are becoming a prerequisite
for large volume datasets (e.g. AMD).

If you want to encourage Sun to implement this, please vote for
the enhancement requests in their bug database.



The first is for JAI, the second for JIIO.

We expect a good turnout, though not perhaps 160 million.


PS. If you want JIIO on the Mac, then you need to file an
individual bug at the following address; Apple does not have
a voting mechanism or make the bug list publicly (you can
only see your own bugs; they expect people to keep submitting
the same bug as an indication of its popularity: