dcmcdw-1.0, an implementation of a DICOM Media Creation Management SCP
in Java - based on DCM4CHE and JBoss (http://jboss.org) - is now
available at SourceForge.net - download from the DCM4CHE page:

dcmcdw can be configured, that created media (CD-ROM) conforms to the
IHE Portable Data for Imaging (PDI) Integration Profile. {IHE did not
(yet?) make use of DICOM's Media Creation Management Service, which
would allow to split the monolithic "Portable Media Creator" actor into
a "Media Composer" and a "Media Creation Server" actor...}

The package also contains a command line utility (from the DCM4CHE
package) acting as Media Creation Management Service Class Provider
(SCU), to enable to evaluate dcmcdw without external Media Creation
Management SCU.

dcmcdw supports control of common CD/DVD Recorder, using free cdrtools
from Joerg Schilling .

A commercial dcmcdw Media Writer plug-in to connect RIMAGE(tm) CD/DVD
burning stations (s. http://www.rimage.com) is provided by my company
Tiani Medgraph AG (for more information contact office@tiani.com).

Available documentation is (currently) limited to a short installation
instruction, so experience in playing adventure games may be a plus to
discover dcmcdw's hidden features ;-) .

Have Fun,


Gunter Zeilinger
Tiani Medgraph AG

Download my PGP public Key at