I will be presenting an advanced course on DICOM for the British
Institute of Radiology (central London) on 22nd Novemeber, which may
interest members of this newsgroup (The BIR is an academic,
non-commercial professional body). Details are as below.

Dave Harvey


This course builds on the success of the previous introductory DICOM
courses, and is designed to give attendees the knowledge and skills
required for tackling complex integration problems in the real world.
Some previous knowledge of DICOM, either though attendance at
introductory course, or elsewhere is advisable, though there will be a
brief review of the "basics". The majority of the course will be
presented by Dr David Harvey, and topics will include:

Opportunities and problems presented by the newer DICOM services
DICOM requirements for IHE compliance
Common compatibility problems and solutions
Effects of firewalls, NAT and dynamic IP addressing on DICOM
DICOM security systems and problems
Performance and compression issues

This course would be of most benefit to those who need an in depth
understanding of DICOM, including:

PACS Managers
Installation and Integration engineers
Application Specialists
Radiology IT Managers
Anyone doing their own DICOM development


Telephone Registration : +44 (0) 207 307 1406

To Register online: www.bir.org.uk