I can recently encountered a problem with compensator data (300A,00EB
& 300A,00EC) and I would welcome any thoughts on whether I and the
data supplier have misunderstood something, or whether this problem
needs a CP to resolve it!

Here are the facts:

1) The compensator data has 79 rows by 111 columns (= 8769 values)

2) Both the transmission data and thickness data (300A,00EB &
300A,00EC) are defined as VR=DS with VM = 1-n

3) The data supplier uses data to about 8 significant figures, which
with the addition of ".", "e-1" and "\" gives a total of about 13
characters per point.

4) This gives a total string length of 114k

This can easily and properly be sent using Implicit VR LE transfer
syntax, as this allows a FOUR byte length for all VRs, but such data
CANNOT be properly encoded in any explicit VR tansfer syntax, as these
only allow TWO byte length (max 65534 bytes) for DS data. I can see
no solution except modifying the IOD to allow an alternative
representation for these values under a different tag value - perhaps
using VR=OF. Has anyone else encountered this before, and are there
easier solutions (except of course constraining to use implicit VR -

Dave Harvey