Hi there,

For each Application Entity in your PACS (includes PACS servers,
modalities, workstations, etc.), you have to tell the server about it
(in AE Title configuration, available through the web interface). You
will have one single AE Title defined for each workstation (eg:
AE=WRKSTATION1, hostname=wrkstation1.domain, port=4006), even if
multiple users use the workstation. The workstation software would be
configured for the same port and AE Title no matter what user is logged
onto the workstation.

If your users are using standard DICOM workstation software to view
images, then there is no real need to have a username on the server for
each user. The only time you need to add a username for each user is
when your users want/need access to the web interface.

That is relatively simple explanation, and I won't go into more
details, because I am not sure exactly what you want to know, and I am
not sure what version of the Intelerad software your server is
running... If you have a service agreement with Intelerad, I know that
their support people are exceptional, give them a call. Feel free to
drop me an email (pacs.help@gmail.com), and if you reply to this group,
be sure to send me a copy so I know that you have replied.

JustSomeGuy wrote:
> I have a pacs server (Intelerad) and a growing number of users and
> workstations...
> My PACS server wants me to add the AE_Title, IP Address and Port

number (for
> SCPs)
> for every workstation I also have a server that multiple users are

using at
> the same time...
> So..
> 1) Is there a simple way maintain a user list without having to have

> entry per user?
> 2) For the multi-user workstation I can use a different port number

> each user.. Is there an easier way?
> TIA.