Hi All.

With great interest I read all the messages posted in this group for
already several years. I have learned a lot from it that I could use
to my benefit in my job.
Now that more and more programmers worldwide become interested in
DICOM, more and more messages about DICOM software products appear in
this newsgroup. I am not a programmer myself, but a service specialist
in MRI, networking and DICOM for a major manufacturer.
Although some of the messages dealing with DICOM software products
have my special interest, the majority of the software-related DICOM
messages do not ahve my interest.

Lately the dicom newsgroup contains many messages about software
products dealing with DICOM.

With this message I want to propose to start a new DICOM newsgroup
besides the present group: "comp.protocols.dicom". I would suggest a
group with the name : "comp.protocols.dicom.software". or something
similar. I think this does not need any further explanation.

I would greatly appreciate any respons from the people in this group
who always answer questions.

Kind regards