newest DICOM Troubleshooting Tool-DICOM Detective download available

DICOM Tool released the newest version of DICOM Detective, free
download available at Ask for product ID.

it includes following features:
Find DICOM files under a directory (User can specify any combination
of criteria. Range matching is supported)
2008 DICOM Dictionary.
Export DVT script.
Export Merge DPM User Info.
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western Europe language support.
Auto Encoding according to the special character set.
Verify DICOM Tag, VR, VM and Value length according DICOM Standard.
Show packet number and time for PDUs and service elements.
View image and structure report by a single click.
Save the dataset as a DICOM file.
Error column to display errors.
Drag a capture file or DICOM file from windows explorer and drop to
DICOM Detective to open the file.
Continue the simulation without waiting.
Show binary detail for PDUs.
Display general information in content column for folded nodes.
Search elements and values.
Open capture file from Merge toolkit.
View image embedded in sequence element.
Support invalid VR OX and XS.

DICOM Detective is a DICOM protocol analysis and simulation software
tool dedicated to PACS maintenance people, DICOM servicemen,
programmers, consultants, radiologists and other people working with
DICOM networks.

Using the DICOM Detective, PACS maintenance people and DICOM
servicemen can analyze DICOM communication problem online immediately
and DICOM programmers can simulate DICOM communication offline and
trace and debug their program without traveling onsite.

DICOM Detective is also a great tool for DICOM beginners to learn the
detail of DICOM. Just capture a DICOM communication and open it with
DICOM detective, and you will know what the DICOM is and how simple it