The quarantine

Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:«Plague is calamity
which was sent to the people of Israel.If you hear of the presence of
plague in a land,do not enter it,but if it spreads in the land where
you are,do not fly from it.» Bukhary and Moslim agreed upon it.It is

Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:« Plague is a torment
which is sent upon any people according to God's will.It is mercy for
the believers who live in the plaguy land patiently believing that it
is God's will.They are rewarded by the heaven as the death by plague
is a martyrdom for the Moslim.» It is narrated by the standard Ahmed
and Sahih Bukhary from Ashia.

Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:«Death by plague is
martyrdom for the Moslim and who flys from it is punished as same as
the deserter.» It is narrated by standared Ahmed from Ashia and Al
Syuty said it is a perfect Hadith.

Quarantine is one of the most important methods to resist the
spreading of the epidemic diseases. It is apparent, as presented, in
the sacred prophetic Hadith that they define the principals of
quarantine. It prevents people from entering a plaguy area, as well as
it prevents its people from running out of it. The quarantine is a new
concept that was known recently for humanbeing and it is still being
applied until today.

It is understandable and does not need a minute awareness of the
disease why the healthy person is banned from going to the epidemic
area. Unless having wide knowledge of the modern medical science, it
is hard to understand why it is banned to get out from the epidemic
area specially its healthy people. It makes sense when the healthy
person, who lives in an epidemic area, to run away to another safe in
order to avoid the infection.

The modern medicine proves that the healthy person might be a carrier
if he lives in an epidemic area. Although people could be infected by
many plagues, not every carrier is a patient. How many carriers are
free from the disease symptoms. The incubation is a duration which is
between the microbe invasion into the body and appearing the symptoms
of the disease. Despite the microbe division and its reproducing is
very strong in the incubation, the person does not suffer from any
thing through this duration. After awhile may extend or not according
to the disease type and its microbe, the dormant disease's symptoms
appear in the body. It is known that the incubation of the Hepatitis
may prolong for six months and the tuberculosis may be dormant in the
body for many years. The carrier, or who gets microbe invasion and the
symptoms did not appear yet, endangers others without himself
suffering from the disease neither the others do. The ban is decisive
and the punishment of the rebellious is as same as the deserter's one.


Reference : "The infection between the medicine and the prophetic
by Dr.Mohammad Ali Al Bar