Copied from the mDCM Discussion Group:

Version 0.9.5 of the mDCM C# DICOM Toolkit has been released. This is
a major release for the project and contains many improvements and
several new applications.

New features in 0.9.5:

- Many bug fixes
- JPEG and JPEG 2000 codecs
- 2008 data dictionary and uid tables
- .NET 3.5 features have been moved to Dicom.Linq assembly

Applications updated in this release:

- DICOM Print SCP: Print DICOM to paper
- DICOM SCU: Compress and send DICOM files over a network
- DICOM Dump: View DICOM headers

The project is seeking contributors in the following areas:

- Code and application documentation
- Port main Dicom assembly to Mono
- Active participants in the mDCM Discussion group
- All other contributions are welcome

Google Code Project:

Discussion Group: