Hello all,

I'm trying to find an internal KDA50 cable which would allow an
RA7x drive mounted inside a BA23/BA123 to be connected to a KDA50. I'm
putting together a BA23-based PDP-11/53+, and that's the only piece
I'm missing right now, is this cable.

This is likely the same cable that would be used in a BA21x to do
the same thing with an internally-mounted RA7x, but I haven't worked
with one of those types of setups in so long that I don't remember.

I currently have a normal bulkhead BA23/BA123 cabkit, which would
allow RA60/RA8x drives to be connected to the KDA50, but that's not
helping me much right now, since the drive is in a BA23.

I'm interested in either buying this cable, or possibly trading
some spares for one.

If anyone even knows what that cable's part number is, I'd greatly
appreciate that information, so I can try to check with the resellers
and see if I can find one for less than a bajillion dollars.