On 15 Jul, 18:06, chrisj.do...@proemail.co.uk wrote:
> On 15 Jul, 16:38, "Robert Jarratt" wrote:
> > I was under the impression from an earlier poster that the SIMM were 4MB per
> > stick, my VLC has two sticks, reports 8MB installed and has 6 slots, so I
> > assume I need 4 more 4MB SIMMs (in pairs?) to get to 24MB.

> Apologies, you are correct, having RTFMed, they are indeed 4Mb and a
> Google on that SAMSUNG part No confirms this. I was mislead by the -8
> on the part No.
> > Let me rephrase
> > the question:

> > If I install a pair of SIMMs, where each one is bigger than 4MB (I am
> > assuming a matched pair), will the VLC be able to recognise and use the
> > first 4MB of these SIMMs?

> I can't find any bigger parity SIMMs.I tried some non-parity 8-meg
> ones which didn't work, but that could be for one of two reasons.
> Chris

Belay that. Digging deeper in the box I found some 16Mb parity SIMMs
and the bad news is that the VLC doesn't see them. But the good news
is that I've found a bag of spare KMM5361000AG-8s, so e-mail me when
you finally give up on eBay.