Hello all,

Career events require me to move, so am hoeing out old computer
stuff. Have a VAXstation II/GPX that is going to the curb next
Wednesday morning unless someone else wants to come and take it
away... First come, first served; respond via e-mail in case I don't
get back here to check; I'm pretty busy these days as you might

As-is. Has VCB02 8-plane color head & monitor. Loaded with VMS
V5.4 with DECwindows and C compiler, maybe Fortran??? Licensing is
left as an exercise for the reader. Three disk drives, don't remember
the models/size, think they're about 700MB apiece. Has TK50 drive
that doesn't work. Has third-party (Emulex?) dual-port SCSI card that
appears not to work. No manuals (already went out in trash before I
thought of offering machine here; sorry).