I am trying to bring up an 11/44. I have removed the M9202 and
replaced it with the 9302 to test with just the main backplane in the
system. One SPC slot has an RL11 controller and the other has a grant
card. It has 256k of memory. When powering up, I get the console
prompt >>> but it will not take any commands. The LED lites on the
M7090 when I depress a key on the terminal indicating two way RS232
but nothing is echoed back to the screen. I am using the stock console
cable and a null modem adapter with a WY-60 set for VT100 mode. I
swapped the WYSE out with an old VT100 I have and the same problem
exists. I have tried different memory, taking out the RL11 and
reseating the modules and the same problem persists. LED D2 stays lit
on module M7097. When I swap out the M9302 with M9312 I do get a run
lite and:

000000 000000 165206 165524

is printed on the console but still will not accept commands.