Just to follow up, I finally found out how to configure the Emulex CS09.
My guess is that the same procedure probably applies to the Emulex CS08.

It turns out that the CP09 distribution panel (which actually has the 16
DB9 connectors) has a switch on the back. There are three positions:
NORMAL, RESET, and SETUP. Take the VAX offline and set the switch to
SETUP. At the point, the red "Fault" LED should begin blinking. Now
plug a terminal (preferably one with a display... I used a VT100) to any
one of the DB9 connections. The terminal should have the following

baud rate = 9600 bps
character length = 8 bits
parity = none
uses no modem control signals
does not require level flow control (XON/XOFF is supported)

Hit RETURN on the terminal keyboard, and you should be greeted with the
Emulex configuration menu. From here, it is relatively straightforward
to go through the menus to change the starting CSR address and the
interrupt vector... hit "1" to modify the configuration, then type in
the desired values.

Once you have entered the desired values, don't forget to hit "2" to
save the changes. Flip the switch back to NORMAL. At the VAX >>>
prompt, type in UNJAM to reset the hardware, then SHOW QBUS to display
the devices connected. When properly configured, the CS09 should appear
as two DHV11 devices.

By the way, the pinout of the serial ports on the DB9 connectors are as
follows. This may help out anyone trying to run a terminal emulator
from a PC, as they are not the same pinouts as a standard PC COM port
(you will need to make an adapter).

1 - data set ready
2 - ring indicator
3 - transmit data
4 - receive data
5 - signal ground
6 - carrier detect
7 - request to send
8 - clear to send
9 - data terminal ready

I hope this helps out anyone reading through these newsgroups, or anyone
trying to do a Google search later on. My thanks to everyone who
answered this thread, and special thanks to GD California (
http://www.gdca.com ). They were the ones who supplied me a manual so I
could get all this working!


Alex Zorrilla wrote:
> Hey, all.
> We recently added some new hardware to our old MicroVAX 3900. As a
> result, we need to reconfigure our Emulex CS09 to use a different CSR
> address space on the Q-bus. The problem is, we have no documentation,
> and the board itself has almost no jumpers. It almost certainly uses
> some sort of onboard utility, but we do not know how to access it.
> Can anybody help? Thanks.
> --Alex