In case anyone is interested, I just listed the above item on Ebay with a
starting bid of $4.99. The item number is 220080981944. See the description

This auction is for a DEC DZQ11-M, documentation, cable, and distribution
panel. The card and documentation (still shrink-wrapped) are in the original
box dated Dec. 11, 1989. This card was typically used to connect up to four
terminals to a Q-bus PDP-11 or MicroVAX system. The following items are

M3106 DZQ11-M Rev. E2
BCO5L-2F Rev. U Cable
70-19964-00 E 04/87 Distribution Panel
H329 Test Connector
EK-DZQ11-UG-002 DZQ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer User's Guide
EK-DZQ11-MC-002 Maintenance Card

This card has not been tested, but appears to be unused. The cable and
distribution panel are suitable for BA23, BA123, or similar enclosures.

Shipping for this item will probably be between $10 and $20 (depending on
carrier) to locations in the continental US.
Jeff Shirley
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