In case anyone is interested, I just listed some old DEC rack blank/filler
panels, and a collection of network hardware. See below for URLs and
descriptions. Sorry about the Ebay spam.


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This auction is for a set of vintage Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
rack filler panels. They fit DEC and other 19" racks. Included are:

3 10.5" (6U) metal panels
2 10.5" (6U) plastic panels
2 10.5" (6U) black plastic panels
3 5.25" (3U) panels (DEC, MDB, other)

These panels are in good shape, and would be great for a VAX or PDP
restoration project.

I can ship these panels anywhere within the continental US. Shipping weight
would be around 35 pounds, from ZIP code 91773. Consult your favorite carrier
for an estimate. Thanks for looking.

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This auction is for a collection of vintage DEC network hardware. The
following items are included:

2 DELNI-AA REV D1 ECO 03 repeaters (one is in the original box dated Sep. 11
1987, and includes EK-DELNI-IN DELNI Installation/Owners Manual and
17-00083-09 power cord)
1 DEMPR-AA REV D05 ThinWire Ethernet Multiport Repeater
1 DSRVB-A DECserver 200/MC terminal server
1 DESPR-EE REV C02 ThinWire Ethernet Singleport Repeater - 150
1 70-22782-01 REV B1 DESTA transceiver
1 BNE4C-02 transceiver cable
1 BNE3H-05 transceiver cable
1 BNE3L-20 transceiver cable
6 HB233 "T" BNC connector (2 unused)
5 50-ohm BNC terminator
4 12-22196-01 transceiver loopback plug
1 12-22196-02 transceiver loopback plug
2 29-24795 RS232 loopback plug

These units power up, but no further testing has been performed. I can ship
this equipment anywhere in the continental USA at the buyers expense. To get
a shipping estimate, consult your favorite carrier. It would ship from ZIP
code 91773, at a weight of approximately 70 pounds.
Jeff Shirley
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