Hi All,
I have a number of boxes with DEC-related material available. These
are systems I no longer have or have no real possibility of obtaining.
These are available near Buffalo, NY for pick-up. I will entertain
shipping these, but the boxes are heavy and would require arrangements
to reimburse me for shipping costs.

I will be regretfully forced to recycle these documents if I receive
no response by 1 October, 2006. I don't want these to be disposed of but
I need the space that they currently occupy.

If interested, please contact me via e-mail or telephone as I don't
get to read newsgroups as often as I'd like.

Here's what I have at present:

R80 User's Guide (EK-00R80-UG-001)
R80 Service Manual (EK-00R80-SM-001)
R80 Technical Description (EK-00R80-TD-001)

RL02 Field Maintenence (RL02-TK)

Field Maintenence (CFG PKG #76) {I believe for the VAX11-730}
Field Maintenence (11730-Z)

VAX-11/750 Print Set

VAX VMS Manual Set v4.0 {I believe to be complete}

RSX-11M v4.1 {I believe to be complete}

RSX-11M+ v3.0 {I believe to be complete}

RT-11 v4.0 manual set {I believe to be complete}

Misc VMS v5.5 manuals

Misc PDP-11/24 prints
Misc PDP-11/44 prints

Thank you,

P.S. I need power supply repair tips for my PDP-11/84 or if you happen
to have a spare supply. :-)

A power supply print set would be welcome, too.

Any help would be appreciated!


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