The contents of the HP OpenVMS Freeware V8.0 distribution are now
available for downloads at the OpenVMS Freeware website:

A listing of all packages is available via the main Freeware page, as is
a file containing all of the submission abstracts.

Each directory in the Freeware V8.0 directory tree contains a FW80*.ZIP
file, which contains the entire contents of the submission directory.
Zips of each of the three Freeware disks are expected and planned, but
are not presently available.

Thanks to all of you that have supported and that have contributed to
the success of the Freeware, and I look forward to continuing to receive
your new and updated submissions for future distributions.


The July 2006 OpenVMS FAQ has been included on the Freeware V8.0
distribution, and is also now available and served at various sites

A standard newsgroup distribution of the text-format OpenVMS FAQ will
occur in the near future.

Thanks to all that have submitted corrections and updates, and that have
contributed to the success of the FAQ.