Hello Kirk-

I came across your web site after seeing a post on comp.sys.dec. I'm
happy to have found it because I'll be trying to get my PDP-11 up and
running soon.

It's been a couple years since I tried, and then I took time off to
finish my basement. Now that the computers are back where they belong,
I'm about ready to give it another shot.

My issue was that I couldn't boot the rx50 - no drive lights would come
on and I would get a mysterious "Error 20" on the console. I can't find
a description of that anywhere.

Anyway, I saw that you need faceplates for your BA23. Let me know if
you could use the one I have posted here:

I have it listed under "VAXStation front panel". Only the badge says
VAXstation. I took this off of my PDP-11. It also doesn't have a label
over the buttons, which is why I replaced it. If you could use it, it's