I came into possesion of an Alpha system labeled as a DEC 2000 axp system.
It had no video card so I stuck an old Paradise 8 bit VGA card in it,
connected a PC keyboard to the PS2 port, and powered it up.

I get a screen telling me it has ROM version 1.3 and SRM firmware version
309 followed by system power up tests. All componets, including the
keyboard, pass except the NVR which fails with a "00 0004" code.

These tests are followed by a message saying:
"Power-on self-test errors were detected. Continue NT boot (Y/N)?"

I thought this system had VMS on it but, whatever. The system does not
appear to be able to read from the keyboard. When I press Y or N or any
other key, I get no response. I get no response when I press the space bar
during the memory test, either, and I get the same results using a
different KB. If I remove the keyboard all together, I get a message saying
"Console on serial line port 1 active. Keyboard not detected." So, I know
the system DETECTS the keyboard.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Does the NVR failure have something to
do with the inability to read the KB? How do I recover from that? Any help
would be appreciated.